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98 Watt Circulation Pump Replacement
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Many low flow/heating problems can be corrected with a new circulation pump.

The original red or blue pumps have been upgraded to the new black model which includes both a dry-run protection feature and an integrated flow switch.

Call us first to review troubleshooting tips before replacing.

Some of the new "upgraded" pumps offered elsewhere have no cord or are the wrong design for your spa, even though they look the same. There also some simple wiring changes you need to know about. Be sure to buy only the Dimension One authorized pump for your spa.
*PLEASE NOTE* This pump is not compatible as a replacement for a fountain circulation pump. This circ pump includes a flow switch. Not compatible with Arena or AFS. If replacing from non-E10 circ pump, please follow instructions that come with the pump as there are wiring differences.


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